Academic Collaborations

In addition to offering its students appropriate education / training, the Department cooperates with productive bodies / entities and professional associations, chambers of commerce, institutes, as well as business enterprises and organizations located very near the university department campus, in the industrial areas of Schimatari and Oenophyta, as well as the wider Attica region (e.g., the Thriassian Plain and the port of Piraeus).

The research team of the Department contributes to the promotion of scientific research as it actively participates as a coordinator or partner in National and European research projects (e.g., Archimedes II & III, EEA, Erasmus +, Horizon 2020, Research-Create-Innovate) and has in-depth knowledge and experience, which in conjunction with the dynamism of the research team’s Scientific Associates creates the appropriate conditions for the effective and immediate dissemination of information and the development of know-how, contributing to sustainable development on a local, regional and national level.

Apart from its university campus and main facilities / building complexes covering an area of 75 acres in the Athens quarter of Votanikos, spanning both sides of the Iera Odos (the ‘Sacred Way’ of antiquity), the Agricultural University of Athens owns a farm of 250 acres in the Kopais area of Boeotia on which primarily wheat, cotton, and alfalfa are cultivated for experimental, educational and research purposes; a farm of 18 acres near the village of Mavromati, Boeotia, on which primarily legumes are cultivated mainly for experimental purposes; and about 3 acres in the village of Haliartos, Boeotia, used for the cultivation of olive trees. Additionally, on April 25th, 2018, the Agricultural University of Athens signed a Protocol of Co-operation for the establishment of a ‘Center for Innovative and Sustainable Applications of Agricultural Sciences’ with the Administrative Region of Sterea Hellas (Mainland Greece), to be housed on the site of the old cotton gin facilities in the village of Haliartos, Boeotia, which belongs to the Kopais Organization and the Municipality of Haliartos – Thespies within the Regional Administrative Unit of Boeotia.

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