A Message from the Dean

Α Welcome Address and Salutation from the Dean of the Department

Dear students and visitors to the Department’s website,
Welcome to the Department of Agribusiness and Supply Chain Management (DIGESE), of the School of Applied Economics and Social Sciences of the Agricultural University of Athens, located in Thebes. The Department was established in 2019 (Law no. 4589/29-01-2019, Government Gazette 13 / 29.01.2019, vol. AD – Article 19), constituting the evolution of the Department of Logistics Management (DSE). The Department is housed in a building complex spanning an area of 770 square meters, with extensive research and teaching spaces (lecture halls, laboratories, study offices, classes, library, teleconference room) on a campus totaling 2 acres (8,000 square meters) in area.

The Department has developed a modern five-year curriculum, which offers its students both theoretical and applied scientific knowledge on subjects pertaining to Agribusiness Management and Supply Chain Management, combining areas of study / disciplines within the domains of Business Organization and Administration, Supply Chain Management, Economics, and Agriculture / Agronomy with Basic Sciences.

The Mission of the University Department is to educate and train scientists who can deal with the organization and management of agricultural (and other) enterprises which procure, produce, manufacture / process, store and move / transport supplies and goods, utilizing modern methods and techniques, throughout the supply chain. Recent research has highlighted the fact that the professions involved in the logistics and food management industries show high employment prospects (they rank among the eleven professions of the future, according to research conducted by the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises / SEV, 2019).
The members of the Teaching and Research staff (DEP), with their deep knowledge and rich experience in their areas of study / disciplines, contribute the most to the achievement of the mission of the Department. The Department presents dynamic development prospects, which are supported through the enhancement of its research activity, as a coordinator or partner, within both National and European research programmes.

Also noteworthy is the connection of the Department with productive companies and organizations located in the nearby industrial areas of Schimatari and Oenophyta, as well as the wider Attica region (e.g., the Thriassian Plain and the port of Piraeus), creating a strong networking grid with professional and scientific bodies as well as the local government administration agencies.

The establishment of a ‘Center for Innovative and Sustainable Applications of Agricultural Sciences’ will also contribute to the dynamic development trajectory of the Department, the result of a pertinent Protocol of Co-operation co-signed by the Agricultural University of Athens and the Administrative Region of Sterea Hellas (Mainland Greece).
I wish all the students of the Department the best of luck and progress, certain that our graduates will have positive career or academic research prospects.

Damianos Sakas, Associate Professor
Dean of the Department of Agribusiness and Supply Chain Management

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